Feature Videos — 13 December 2011

How to Shoot a Shotgun

Watch the video above to learn how to shoot a shotgun with Juls and see her hit her first target.

Don’t have enough time for the video? Check out the tips below on how to shoot a shotgun.

* Always keep your actions open, to know if it’s loaded or not.
* Drop the bullet in the action and close the barrel.
* Don’t put your finger in the trigger holder unless you are ready to shoot.
* Tuck the gun tight into your shoulder. Pull it back on your shoulder a bit for a snug fit.
* Lean into it, look down the barrel to the bead (at the end of the barrel) and right on the target.
* Make sure that you’re looking right down the barrel, so the only thing that you can see is the bead and the target.
* Pull the trigger once, and put the safety on.

Now you can shoot a shotgun just like Juls!

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