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We’re in Yellowstone National Park and all we hear about is bears. We’ve been excited to see one, but at the same time scared we might actually encounter one in the wild.

And then, there’s a bear near us.

Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone Park

He’s big. He’s brown. He’s bad.

Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone Park

He’s picking up logs and looking under them.

Grizzly Bear, Eating, Yellowstone ParkGrizzly Bear, Eating, Yellowstone ParkGrizzly Bear, Eating, Yellowstone Park

He’s moving around, scooping up ants and shoving them into his mouth.

Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone Park

Aaaah! He’s not more than 30 yards away and he’s just ignoring us. So far, so good.

Grizzly Bear, YellowstoneGrizzly Bear, YellowstoneGrizzly Bear, Yellowstone

He keeps pacing around, picking up logs, looking for food…

Grizzly Bears, Yellowstone Park

His friend shows up!

Grizzly Bear, Stare, Yellowstone Park

Then he starts to approach us…

Grizzly Bear, Yellowstone ParkGrizzly Bear, Yellowstone ParkGrizzly Bear, Yellowstone Park

He’s getting closer and closer…

Grizzly Bear, Grizzly Center, West Yellowstone

But, he can’t get any closer…because he’s fenced in. (Got you! We wish we saw a bear in the wild!)

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, MTGrizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, MT

We were, however, excited to find the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, MT and watch some Grizzly Bears and wolves in the natural habitat they created for them at the center. It was fun to watch them feed and play with each other.

When visiting Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming, bear safety is no joke. Check out our ‘Be Bear Aware’ video with ‘Juls, the Bear Girl’.

*This isn’t a zoo. The bears at the center were saved. All were exposed to human food which lead to them becoming aggressive with humans. Luckily, they were captured and brought to the center instead of being killed. Now they get to live a peaceful and happy life while allowing tourists like us to enjoy watching them in their quasi-natural habitat.

Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, West Yellowstone, MT.

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  1. You had me!! And I’m thinking what are they doing letting a bear get that close!! Great blog!

    • hehe, aren’t the photos great, though?! What an amazing center they have. Still waiting for our ‘real’ bear encounter so I can use my tips!

  2. Duddette…….don’t do that to me !!!…………lol

  3. hehe. The photos were too good, we couldn’t resist!

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