Blog — 10 September 2011

Fireball Izzy, the Gypsy Tramp in WYThank you everyone for entering our RV Naming Contest! There were 20 great entries and we have finally made a decision. It was really difficult, so we ended up merging 3 of the entries to create one kick-ass name.

Our RV is now called…
Fireball Izzy, the Gypsy Tramp

Hats off to Brooks, Leon & Chan for adding to the name! We’ll shoot you an email about getting your American Odyssey TV shirt sent to you!

American Odyssey TV tshirtIf anyone else is interested in purchasing a shirt, let us know!

Here are all of the entries:
– Bula or The Bula
– Gypsy Tramp
– Cousin Eddie
– EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle
– The Future
– American Odyssey Express
– Homer
– Fireball Annie
– Fire Dodger
– Bright Fire Road Runner
– Harvey the RV (x2)
– Moby
– Izzy the RV from
– The Odyssey Machine
– The Missile
– Qrank Tank
– Moby Dick
– Tarah
– Babylon by Bus.

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(7) Readers Comments

  1. Hi julie&kenny,you guys are doing it right,I love following you all over the US,I wish I was with are living the dream,best of luck to you.Love Always,Aunt Susan

    • Thanks so much! We are enjoying every moment.

  2. ….oh hell yeah!!!….

    • Congrats & thanks for the name! We’ll be in touch shortly about getting you the t-shirt! 😉

  3. Congratulations to the winners! Great name!

  4. I love your RV’s name!! So perfect!

  5. Woot! I’m a winner! :)