What is American Odyssey?

Map of our Route - 101 Days Around America: West SideAmerican Odyssey is a journey through America in the new millennium. Ken and Julie will be traveling the country documenting, sharing, connecting and exploring America. We are looking for the most amazing places, outrageous events, and of course the most interesting people from all corners of this giant country.

The idea for this trip came over a decade ago. After Ken finished college he wanted to take off on a road trip and see the country. Well, as luck would have it, he took off on a road trip, but instead of traveling in the USA, he ended up driving through Central America, ending up in Costa Rica, where he lived and worked for a year before moving off to Japan where he met Julie while teaching English in Tokyo. After years of circling the globe, Ken and Julie are finally ready to tackle America.

And now technology has progressed to the point that we can run a media studio out of an RV; video, photos, blogs, and tweets, this is a new media road trip, where we’ll be sharing as we go on our odyssey.

We are looking for the heart of America, and we are always open for suggestions.

Please Join Us and Follow Along! Enjoy the ODYSSEY

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Who are we?

Kenny & Juls

Kenneth Macias is the content producer and original dreamer of the trip. He has filled many jobs in his short life including teacher, bookie, production assistant, journalist, and so on, but his real passion lies in storytelling. He has a degree in Media Management from SDSU and he has studied screenwriting at UCLA. Recently, he has produced short films and travel videos. As well, he has spent the past couple of years working at Uchi Restaurant in Austin, Texas as a bartender.

Julie George is a web marketer with experience in search engine and email marketing, web site creation, SEO, and public relations. She will act as producer, website manager, and social media maven. She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Public Relations. She has spent the last few years as the Internet Marketing Manager for a software company in Austin, TX..