Feature Videos — 10 November 2011

How to Fly Fish – Casting

Watch the video above to learn how to cast with a fly fishing rod with Juls and see her catch her first fish.

Don’t have enough time for the video? Check out the tips below on how to cast with a fly fishing rod.

Pull out a few feet of the weighted line at the bottom of the reel and hold in your left hand.
Keep your tip down low, and the weighted line out in front of you.
Whip the rod straight back and up with a stiff wrist, to almost the 12 o’clock position.
Give it a second to let the line straighten out behind you, then give it a forward stroke.
As you’re going forward, let the string go through your fingers.
Point rod tip at the fly in the water.
Pull more line at the bottom of the reel and do it all again.

And that’s how to cast with a fly fishing rod!

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