Blog RV — 04 September 2011

And the RV Lessons Continue…

After the dumping station, we headed into a shopping center for an hour or two. When we returned to the RV, the battery was dead. It wasn’t even trying to turn over. A million things were running through our minds. It could be anything. Really? We have barely started our trip. It’s the middle of the day and we’re in the middle of the desert. Really? So, we just sat there for a few minutes.

RV Auxiliary Start ButtonThen, a light bulb went off. Remember when Edwin said…that you could jump yourself?! Yes! Another tip from Edwin saving the day. During our ‘orientation’ he mentioned that if your engine battery goes dead, that you can always ‘jump’ yourself by using the auxiliary batteries (the ones that power the electricity in the motorhome).

To do this, you simply hold down the ‘Auxiliary Start’ button on the dash and turn the key to start the engine. Once we did this, it started right away! What a relief..

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