Blog — 14 October 2011

I saw my first rattlesnake.

Julie and Rattlesnake in MontanaI saw a snake, backed away slowly, then ran in the opposite direction.

I came back later to inspect. I was very quiet and tip-toed to get a better look.

I got the owner of the place to inspect and…he confirmed that it was a rattlesnake!

What the heck?! What was I doing getting a closer look?! Holy smoke-a-roonies!

So, I hid around the corner while he took a huge, flat shovel and chopped his head off.

Now, I get his rattle as a souvenir. My first rattlesnake. Ssssssssssssssssss

Montana Rattlesnake Rattle

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  1. Holy smoke-a-roonies is right!!! Yikes!