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Butte, Montana was a great place to spend the afternoon and take pictures. The old buildings with their refined architecture and clues to the past luxuries of the town were captivating. I hope you enjoy the photos and feel the spirit of Butte and what it once was.
Run Down Buildings in Butte, Montana
The current Butte Weekly office and two vacant brick buildings.
Sunset in Uptown Butte, Montana
The sun setting on Butte on a Sunday afternoon.
Streets of Uptown Butte, Montana
Main drag in Butte.
Dumas Brothel in Uptown Butte, Montana
The famed Dumas Brothel, closed its doors in 1982.
Uptown Butte Montana
Another shuttered storefront in uptown Butte.
Closed Bar in Uptown Butte, Montana
Artistic in its demise.
Bar in Uptown Butte, Montana
Hand-painted sign at closed bar in uptown Butte.
Signs in Uptown Butte, Montana
Remnants of the old days of Butte, entertaining the mine workers.
Church in Uptown Butte, Montana
Old church turned theater.
Broken Glass in Uptown Butte, Montana
Butte has had better days.
Berkeley Pit Sign in Butte, Montana
Berkeley Pit, once a working mine pit has now left the city with a lake of polluted water.

Berkeley Pit Tunnel in Butte, Montana

Tunnel leading you to the Berkeley Pit.

Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana

Berkeley Pit today amidst its cleanup.

Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana

The colors of pollution.
Alley in Uptown Butte, Montana
Thanks for a great afternoon, Butte. I wish you better days in the future.

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  1. Your pictures are very interesting. Yes there are some buildings needing repair in Butte, as there are in any community. I would like you to revisit our community and I would gladly take time to show you some of the many historic buildings that have been revitalized and refurbished into retail, commercial and residential facilities. I would also like to sit down with you to give you more detailed information regarding our local economy. If you would truly like to tell well-rounded, accurate depiction of Butte you would come back and take pictures of the great things that are happening here also. You have an open invitation to join us.